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    Please refer to the return policy.

    • Unaltered in stock items ship within 1-2 business days.
    • In stock pants with an inseam alteration take up to 10 days to ship.
    • In stock items with add-ons take up to 2-4 weeks to ship.
    • In stock shirts with sleeveless alterations take take up to 10 days to ship.
    • Custom items are hand made and take on an average of 10-12 weeks to ship out, but could be longer depending on availability of materials to produce the item and work load in the custom studio at the time you place your order.
    • Longer lead times may be necessary during high demand times.

    Yes, on the checkout page there is a pulldown menu to determine shipping costs to your country.

    Order pickup is available from our showroom in Goodyear, AZ.


    Wornstar Clothing accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay, PayPal, and Venmo.



    Yes, using Shop Pay Installments.


    • Refer to the sizing chart on each product page
    • The sizing chart for tops is a chest measurement in inches
    • The sizing chart for pants is a waist measurement
    • All measurements are based on the garment laying on a flat surface
    • Our full sizing chart is available here


    Please spot clean whenever possible. For best results please hand wash your garment in cold water and hang to dry. You may also wash in a washing machine in cold water inside out in mild detergent and on gentle cycle. Lay flat or hang to dry. Due to the hand dye process the colors may bleed so it’s best to wash the item separately from your other clothing. Do not bleach. Specific to Alloy Wash™, Frosted Suede Wash™, Smoke Wash™: The wash process is a stain and any mid to heavy detergent or detergent with stain removal will reduce and/or remove the wash from the pants.

    The Custom Stage Wear washing instructions apply to designs that have been customized from our Custom Add Ons section
    excluding inseam alterations to Street Wear/Stage Wear(non-custom) bottoms and sleeveless variations on Street Wear tops.

    Do not iron dry or hang dry outside in direct sunlight. For hang drying, it is recommended to hang on a hanger indoors.

    *Wornstar Clothing is not responsible for any design being damaged, deteriorating or losing the effect of applied customization due to incorrect washing.

    For Wornstar Essentials and All Access Denim:

    Spot clean whenever possible.

    Wash cold water inside out in mild detergent and on gentle cycle. Hang dry or in dryer on low heat.

    Do not iron or dry outside in sunlight.

    *Wornstar Clothing is not responsible for any design being damaged, deteriorating or losing the effect of applied customization due to incorrect washing.

    For Wornstar Clothing Waxed/Coated Denim:

    Spot clean whenever possible.

    Wash cold water inside out in mild detergent and on gentle cycle. Hang or air dry only.

    Only hang or air dry indoors.

    *Wornstar Clothing is not responsible for any design being damaged, deteriorating or losing the effect of applied customization due to incorrect washing.


    • MTO = Made at Time of Order (go in a queue at time of order).
    • RTS = Ready to ship (these are listed in the size we have with measurements as available, and only offered in the size listed).
    • One of a kind = One of a kind items are just that, one of a kind. These are not recreated in other sizes. Once they are sold, they are sold.

    Custom orders on our website take on an average 10-12 weeks to ship, but it could be longer depending on availability of materials to produce the item and work load in the custom studio at time you place your order. If you have an important event and need your item rushed please contact us to make sure we can meet your date and what the rush fee would be for your item. All custom work must be pre-paid in full before any work is begun.

    If you’re looking to have something completely made from scratch or designed to your specs please email your request to customerservice@wornstar.com. Please provide details, reference photos and links, size needed, elements you’ll be providing, and completion date. We will respond with the answer after we review your request. These items can take a few weeks or several months to complete and will be quoted accordingly. All custom pieces require measurements from a professional tailor. The customer has to have all applicable rights and/or licenses to use provided artwork.

    Custom items pictured in the gallery are previously made items and not all can be re-created. Please email customerservice@wornstar.com if you have questions about a gallery item.

    Custom quote requests will be reviewed within one week and please be patient with our responses, as we are a very small shop. Your custom job must be paid in full before it can go in the queue.


    Add Ons are design elements or alterations that can be added to a piece of clothing.

    Designs with side lacing, side buttons or existing patchwork cannot be lengthened.

    Designs that can be lengthened may include add-ons if available on the product page.

    Yes, but prior to sending in a garment for an Add On, please contact customerservice@wornstar.com with a photo, description of the item and material type for approval.

    No, Add Ons are exclusive to our shop and are not available for individual purchase.

    Add Ons are considered Custom Stage Wear and take 4-6 weeks to make prior to shipping.

    Refer to the Return Policy.

    Yes, the Alloy Wash Add On can be used for the Jackets and Vests.

    For orders with multiple designs including Add Ons, leave a note in the order notes box during checkout to make sure the correct Add On goes on the correct design. An email can be sent to customerservice@wornstar.com as well with the information.

    Damage & Defects

    At Wornstar Clothing, we stand behind the quality of our products and want you to love each and every purchase. That’s why all products have a 3 month warranty against manufacturing and material defects (outside of normal wear and tear).

    • Products that show signs of defect must be returned within 15 days from receiving the order.
    • If purchased from our online store at wornstar.com, please contact customerservice@wornstar.com to start the process.
    • Purchases made in-store or through participating retailers may only be returned to the store from which it was purchased. In-store purchases do not qualify for return by mail.
    • Defects or damage caused by improper washing, care or usage do not qualify for replacement or store credit.

    Please note that this information is intended for products purchased in the United States only.

    Our warranty policy allows for the submission of one product per claim, with a maximum of three claims per consumer within a one-year period. This limit applies regardless of whether the claims are accepted or rejected. Please be aware that Wornstar Clothing reserves the right to modify or terminate this policy at any time without notice. Any claims exceeding the limit of three will not be accepted.

    For each garment in your warranty claim, we ask that you send at least two images of the defect. Feel free to attach more than two – taking photos from different angles. In addition, we ask that you attach a photo of the size label found inside the garment (under the care label).

    • The images you provide must be sharp and clear. The numbers found on the size tag must be legible.
    • We ask that you send the pic as a JPG file, if possible.

    If we cannot process your claim with the images you provide, you will be given instructions to send the garment to our customer service team. You are responsible for the shipping costs associated with the return.

    You will receive an email confirmation that your new claim has been received.

    Please allow 5-7 business days to process your claim.


    Artists, athletes, and models seeking an endorsement deal or clothing for an event, please read all the way through below and e-mail us artistrelations@wornstar.com. The artist, athlete, or model should contact us directly, not through a representative, manager, agent, record label, or girlfriend. All submissions must be done through this e-mail. No exceptions; not even if you know the owner, think you know the owner, think you have a friend that works here, know somebody famous, think you know somebody famous, etc.

    Wornstar Clothing does not offer paid sponsorships and we do not give away free clothing. We offer discounts on our product. Discount depends on promotion potential from the artist through all social media, live shows, directly to friends and fans, as well as TV and video appearances, events, photos, etc. You must have scheduled live shows and be playing at least 80 shows per year and/or have national TV appearances/events scheduled. We get a large volume of requests and it may not be possible for us to respond to all of them, but we will review them all.

    Please send us the following; All items on the list are required:

    1. Name of your band and info about your band (members, ages, age of band, musical style)
    2. Current professional photos of your band wearing Wornstar Clothing (if you cannot complete this step, do not submit)
    3. A complete list of other brands that you endorse or that sponsor you
    4. Link(s) to original material and/or videos
    5. A current tour schedule (artist should be playing live at least 80 dates per year)
    6. Social media presence list and links - Website, Facebook, Twitter, and others
    7. The first line of your email must include the password jellyfish in a sentence
    8. Let us know what value you will bring to our brand

    Please be sure to provide ALL information above including your contact information if you'd like to be considered. Do not assume that we know who you are. We will not do research on your band. Please send us the information above via e-mail to artistrelations@wornstar.com.

    All ad, website, and promotional usage is at our discretion. We are a clothing company and not your management, promotions agency, your booking agent, or your publicist.

    Athletes, media TV and radio, photographers, music fans, and any other person interested in a sponsorship please email a complete proposal to email address above. No request will be considered without a proposal. Thanks!

    Artists, athletes and models who do not meet the criteria listed above may be suited and qualify for our affiliate endorsement program. Please email a complete proposal to the email address above with any applicable information from the endorsement submission criteria.